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Easy cloud based payroll services with Dynamo Payroll

cloud-based payroll services with Dynamo Payroll

Dynamo is a cloud-based software for payroll. It has easy accessibility from Human Resources and Employee perspective alike. It is an outstanding employee self service and human resources software for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

This cloud based payroll software is also usable from both the packages, Microsoft Dynamics 365 FinOps and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (On Premise).

It is capable of transforming staff into skilled workers also allowing HR to play an important part in the success of the business organization.

 It combines many modular applications into one software that has the power and capability to fully automate the payroll system among other benefits.

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All the employees can use it as self-service software for a varied set of activities. This is a payroll software but designed to take it to the next level by increasing employee engagement outside its basic user base, Human Resources. Efficiency is the key with accuracy when it comes to Dynamo.

This Cloud based payroll system is known for correct and timely payroll maintenance for any business. The payroll calculations can be generated by following the predesigned workflows or by inputting new road maps.

The variations are unlimited as customizations can be done for a group or individuals on the same or different calculative metrics. Parts of this payroll system can be also designed to promptly deal with the claims and reimbursement processes on a timely basis.

Another feature is the timely maintenance of employee data with all the information available. Data from scheduled adherence to real time production reports as per set KPI’s is now easily visible and accessible to the executives, operational leaders and human resources, alike.

The teams and individuals can use it for self introspection to management deciding on the operational excellence attained and thus, HR deciding the payroll outcome or structure change periodically.

It also provides features like Employee Master Index to track and save historic data and compare with current in terms of employee transactions, performance ratings and pay appraisal.

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Among many other effective features this cloud based payroll system provides flexibility in choice, preferential selections, high end tools, easy integration, reliability and higher efficiency.

The basics of the robust and automated payroll system are retained among all new integrations.

The Key Attributes of Employee Records Management in this HR System are, 

  • Any number of employees payroll management can be operated, thus has no limitations in being used by large businesses in addition to small and medium ones.
  • General Ledger detailed posting allows for clarity on the data and processes.
  • Employee’s personal information and historic data can be managed in addition to payroll.
  • Customizable individual or group Payroll calculations allowing multiple payroll cycles based on different employee groups or individuals. Adhering to pay scale levels and bands is also easily possible.
  • Uses employee master index feature from standard Microsoft Dynamics AX HR.
  • As per the needs flexible & robust formulae can be set up by editors (equation factors) towards the calculative index.
  • Depending on departments, business processes and area of operations multiple earning & deductions (payroll elements) set using formula editors
  • Different types of Pension set up and calculations for different bands and tenure of employees.
  • Different types of Gratuity set up & calculations for the different bands, levels and employee tenure.
  • Annual leave accruals & leave encashment is also possible by creating the required workflows and factors using appropriate formulae.
  • Flight ticket, Trains or other local travel reimbursements benefit management can also be incorporated with ease.

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Dynamo is the most efficient, cost effective and user-friendly cloud-based payroll software. It is fully customizable for operational needs and most efficient HR and Payroll system today. 

It operates within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. The flexible nature of this system allows in-premise (Data Centre or server rack, irrespective of size) or cloud deployment for the backend and running processes. Dynamo can be truly called a solution as it is the one stop shop for a payroll system. 

Dynamics Business Solutions (DBS) is certified Microsoft Dynamics partner in UAE, we take pride in our ability to develop and deploy the right business solution that matches global client’s requirements.

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